Organizational Requirements

  1. Members shall be licensed by the NTRC to provide Internet access service or operate an Internet network.
  2. Members must have their own permanent connection to the Internet, separate from any GREX connection.
  3. Each Member will provide their contact details for operation matters, and contact details of the person or persons to whom requests for peering should be sent.
  4. An appropriate level of insurance is recommended but not required relating to equipment located at GREX. Members will not hold GREX liable for any loss, claims or damage whatsoever resulting from the activities of another Member at the Facility.
  5. Members must pay all fees due within thirty (30) days of the due date. In the event that membership is suspended or terminated for non-payment, subject to the discretion of the Committee, and a re-connection fee may apply.
  6. Members must not carry out any illegal activities through GREX.

Technical Requirements

  1. General
    1. Members must ensure that their usage of GREX is not detrimental to the usage of GREX by other Members. Members must also ensure that their usage is in compliance with applicable Internet standards as published by the IETF and as documented in the current version of STD 1.
    2. Members shall not use the GREX for transiting of traffic.
    3. Traffic may only be forwarded from one GREX Member to another (peering) if permission has been given by the recipient. Peering is mandatory between Members.
  2. Connectivity
    1. GREX provides connectivity to its infrastructure using a switch. The following requirements apply:
      1. Single mode, single-strand Gigabit Ethernet fibre connectivity terminating on a Gigabit Ethernet Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) 1310/1550nm (D/U) optic
      2. Support for IPv4 and BGP-4 mandatory, with IPv6 and BGP-4 RFC 4760 (multi-protocol support) support preferred
    2. GREX reserves the right to disconnect any port which violates any of the requirements listed in section 2a
  3. Policy Routing
    1. Each Member must have their own Autonomous System number, and register the routing policy for their AS in the ARIN routing registry or another public routing registry.
    2. Unicast peering between Members’ routers across GREX will be via BGP (version 4 or subsequent).
  4. Physical
    1. Any equipment installed by a Member at GREX must be clearly labeled as belonging to the Member. Members must notify GREX of equipment details and insurance values prior to installing or changing any equipment.
    2. Members must not interfere with equipment owned by others installed at GREX or in the room or cage containing GREX without the explicit permission of the owner.
    3. Members have a duty of confidentiality to GREX and other GREX Members.
    4. Members may not directly connect customers to their router housed in any GREX rack.
    5. Members may not connect equipment to or otherwise provide connectivity to GREX switch infrastructure on behalf of non-Members.
    6. Members may access the premises at which the GREX for routine purposes during normal business hours upon not less than twenty-four hours notice to the site owner. In the event of an emergency, Members will endeavour to give as much notice as is reasonable in the circumstances.